I scream!






          Marilyn Monroe Crop top c/o Goodstuff4you

My belly’s is getting a bit bigger I know, for some fitness obsessed freaks who might see this photos. Haha. But it’s really not that bad for me! Though it really feels bloated nowadays. I couldn’t blame myself if I choose Pizza or any junkfoods over sweat. A girls gonna eat if she really wants too! Wouldn’t starve myself if I really am drooling for an Ice cream or Fast foods! 🙂

In fact while blogging and typing this, I am enjoying eating this filipino dessert called Banana Con Hielo. It’s like crushed ice with milk and sweetened bananas, a classic fave! Sorry, I think I just typed food too much.

Let’s go on with my outfit, so lovin this Marilyn Monroe turtle neck like crop top. I like its fit on me, paired it with a nice pair of jeans to make it look balanced and not to show skin too much. If the has been weather get’s cold it would also be nice to put on some leather jacket, but sadly weather recently has been so hot and leathers and furs would be set aside for a while now. Better put out all my peek a boo muscle tees, crops, florals, denim shorts, sunnies, etc.. Scream Summer!!!


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