Oh Hello there! Finally! It was like ages ago since I last blogged! So here is a short summary of my ootds and what I did last May! Yes, I know it’s June already but I wanted to blog a little bit Sum-May-ry because I miss blogging that much!

There were lots of stuff happened during May. Summer days, I got a regular job, spent my time training for tourneys, trips, my motherly time for my daughter and some priorities that has to be done. Actually it was a zigzag these past few months! That’s basically the reason why I wasn’t able to blog although I had quick updates and posts on my other social networking sites. As you notice the photos below are taken from my Iphone not on my Canon because hunny bunny left for a month which is my ultimate photographer, so just to take a quick snapshots of my ootds I just used my phone and some shots are not that bad!

A comfy laidback summer look!

Baby Blue Haler Crop Top c/o Goodstuff4you & Denim shorts c/o Chinova


Daisies remind me of Spring! They’re so cute to wear!

Daisy tee c/o Romwe & High waisted denim shorts c/o Soigne Couture


Dainty floral look which I wore at work.

Cardigan c/o Chicnova, Floral blouse c/o Romwe


         Swimsuit c/o Romwe

        A dip in the pool with girlfriends are a must for summer!


 Watermelon Tee c/o Romwe

and oh yes! I get to dye my hair! Yay! I guess I noticed that my hair is too black and it needs a little change. I loved the color! 🙂

Anyways, I love to write more but I told you I already got a job! I pat myself on the back! It’s crazy how I manage my time for my family, work, my sport and blogging. Sometimes I think that sleep wasn’t a necessity at all! Sigh* So many things to do, so little time…


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