Style Origin 2014- An Eye for Style

“Don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you.”

This was me modeling for Artwork Ph.

 (Credits to Vantage Photography for this shot.)

I’m really honored to be part of this event. I’m thankful for being part of the community models.It has been a great experience. Being able to do the catwalk again on the runway really gives me this oh-so-good feeling and confidence! 🙂

Besides being able to be all dressed and dolled up, I met new friends during the rehearsals and event. I also love the fact seeing those beautiful & fabulous models around and all that bright lights!

It was held at Harbor Point, Ayala Mall here at Subic Bay. A big thanks to the event’s project coordinator, Mr. Venice Padua in including me as one of the community models!

For all of you who missed the event, let me take you there as if you we’re also in-front of the VIP seats or even walking on that T-ramp yourself!

I’ve taken this photo before our rehearsals. Love the stage set-up!

Oh here’s my ID but first let me take a selfie. haha.

Modeling for Artwork together with my big sis from another mother! Heather! She’s also part of the Community models.

 Wasn’t able to eat that much! Have to be careful with that belly! Only had some coffee and tea while we’re waiting.

Make-up done by some makeup artists by MUD! I really wanted to take some backstage shots but I guess people there and I were such in a rush for the preparation. They did some airbrush on me, which I really liked that it just looked so natural and fresh! I’m runway ready!

In 4,3,2,1….

Everybody line-up! The show is about to start! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Rafael Rosell was the host of Style Origin this year at Harbor Point.

Some of the PMAP models. They were so gorgeous! A mix of laidback and formal outfits.(Credits to dear hunny bunny for the shots)

Some celebrities that was also part of the event:



Some cute kids and future models also joined a walk in the runway!

Such a cutie! I wish I could make my daughter join next year!

Here are more fabulous photos!

 Uhuh! That’s me on the 2nd! 🙂


Go Heather!

Local Models from Subic Bay. They’re all so stunning!

I had so much fun at the Style Origin event and can’t wait for next year to watch or maybe it would be good to walk on that ramp again! To all of you High Street Fashion enthusiasts, don’t miss it next year! 🙂


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