Summer at the City of Pines (Photo Dump)

Sponsored coordinate. Top and Denim Shorts from Romwe

This is what I wore on my third day at Baguio and we arrived there during the night and it was brrrrrrrr even it’s summer because it rained!

I like the smell of Pine trees and cool breeze at Baguio! Maybe this would be one of my favorite places to have a vacation, if it isn’t too crowded now. 😦  Recently the city proper had so many structures built, roads are quite narrow and there were so many vehicles around! To sum it up, we still had a great time! There were still  uncongested areas. Here are some photos of our lovely vacation before the summer ended.

I love how may trees and flowers are there.Taking outdoor photos here would be good for your

ootd shots!

Sponsored coordinate: Top and skirt from Romwe

   This is what I wore on my second day at Baguio! Had to put up the 3rd day outfit first because the photos are more and way nicer! haha.

 Spell FUN!!! Loving the weather and the ambiance of the place. I hope to come back again this year and also in Tagaytay! 🙂


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