Summer Rain

Bow top c/o RipplesbyJenny

How I miss the summer days where in the sun rays hit my face. I can’t get enough of summer clothes. You still can wear those lovely crop tees, halter and sleeveless tops during rainy season. Just wear something warm on it. A dainty cardigan will do or an edgy denim jacket will be rad!

Cardigan from Forever21

I so love this bow top on me. I like clothes where you can take a sneak peak of my back. Not too sexy but elegant as well.

Floral shorts c/o Romwe

Lovely shorts reminds me of spring wear! Yes,I like to mix up clothes from different seasons! It’s good to break the rules. Fashion has no rules anyway.

Before I used to love rainy season waaay back when I was like unproductive but now it seems to me that this raining cats and dogs thing is a bit hassle to my oh-so productive life nowadays. All I did before was to eat, sleep and repeat. lol But now I think being part of a growing woman makes me hate raining. Going to work is difficult, if I caught a cold my daughter might get one too, can’t even play Ultimate Frisbee and of course taking outfit photos outdoors is that not easy breezy anymore. Well, I just enjoy raining when I sleep. :3

Some shots taken from my Iphone. Not bad so I: included them. 🙂


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