Cathydoll Popstar Body Tint & Foundation Review

Body tint? Body foundation? BB CREAM for your body? Never tried this kind of products before and never heard that there’s a BB cream available for the parts of our body besides our face until I found this amazing shop, Karmarts Manila, they have lots of beauty essentials mostly made in Korea and I’m thankful that they introduced this wonderful product to me! Now I know I can also hide the blemishes in my skin, not just for faces but also for the body! I think this is very essential for me specially I do photo shoots  for my blog and ootds and I admit that my legs aren’t perfect at all, actually far away from perfect,  it has battled scars from sports that I play, mosquitoes loves me a lot so I usually got bites! Sad… but this product gave me confidence as it instantly do some magic on me! Well, let me give you a brief review so you get to know more about it…

 A short introduction of Cathydoll from Karmart: 

-Cathy Doll is created by Karmarts, a successful Korean beauty care chain in Thailand with over 60 outlets spread across the country.
-Harnessing on their knowledge of Korean beauty products, Karmarts created the wildly popular Cathy Doll range.
-The key feature of the Cathy Doll range that most ladies love is the instant whitening results after using the products.
-The cute packaging and adorable caricatures identity with the young and trendy.
They gave me two products: One is the Cathydoll Popstar Body Tint Cream and the other is the Cathydoll Foundation Cream.


Notice how cute the packaging is? Makes it so appealing and for sure you will want to buy it! 


Cathydoll Popstar Body Tint Cream



Cathydoll Popstar Body Foundation Cream


Description of Cathydoll Popstar Tint and Foundation cream: Help prepare you for sun exposure for the entire day a with Cathy Doll body cream. It helps to cover up imperfections and even out the skin tone. It will make your skin look healthy and soft without being oily, it also helps to protect skin from the sunlight.  6  are the following benefits of the body tint cream:
1. Base cure help brighten skin color 
2. Foundation that will cover any imperfection 
3. BB cream help the skin color and smoothen it naturally 
4. Sun cream that help protect from sun burn 
5. Whitening serum that help clears up the skin 
6. Moisturizing complex that help replenish the skin and decrease dryness by mixing these ingredients together it will give you a white smooth skin, it will cover the uneven skin tone, any dark spot from pimples, it also has a SPF factor of 50 PA +++ for sun protection and ready to reveal your skin like a Pop Star .
How to use: First apply your daily product, at the end apply the Pop Star cream and massage it in a circular motion until the cream blends in smooth onto dry legs, arms / Blend with fingertips.


The body foundation cream seems in a beige shade and the tint cream appears to be white in color. If you’re skin is darker, the body foundation is suitable but if you’re skin is fairer, you should use the tint instead.


Please see the middle part of the hand which I blended properly. The cream did hid blemishes and the visible pores. Since my arms is darker in color than my legs ( because of sunburn due to playing sports outdoors) the foundation fits the color of my hand. However, my legs specially the upper part has a lighter skin tone so I applied the tint on it. 

After applying and blending…. Voila! Flawless looking legs! 

Super happy with the instant result of Cathy Doll! 🙂

(photo taken with sunlight so we can see how it really looks like but not filtered with camera effects : )

Overall review:

I liked how it lightens my skin in an instant! Less worries but plus confidence in me. Flaunt your legs with those cute shorts and skirts! What I also like about it, is that, it has a sun protection and moisturizes at the same time too. When applied, it was not dry but it looks like a fresh looking skin! The texture is also light and does not give a heavy feeling. Thumbs up for Cathy Doll! Shine and show your skin like a Popstar! 🙂


Where to get?

Please check out Karmarts Manila here:






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