Just Chill Out

Chill crop top c/o Gifi Clothing, Tattoo Choker c/o Ace Winters,Denim skirt c/o Chictopia

This outfit is a real chill and rad as well! I thought I’ll get sick of wearing crops but nah, they are my faves. I also wore a tattoo choker that I got from Ace Winters, you guys should check them out. They got a lots of grungy and cool accessories to look out for!

I also wore my Rubi Jelly shoes from Love Bazaar PH! I love them to death. They are so comfy to wear. It’s so perfect to also wear during rainy days. Who says you can’t have stylish shoes when it rains? These pair is a must nowadays! 🙂

I’m currently preparing myself and my body to our upcoming tourneys this September and November! I do eat a lot recently, I gained weight a little bit too, that’s good but I don’t want to have a flabby tummy. 😦 I must do some few training to get the abs back, being sexy is a plus but I must do it to strengthen my body and to be ready for our so soon sport tournament! Gotta push myself then. 🙂


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