Darkside of the moon

Beanie- Chicnova

Moon phase tee- Ace winters

Accessories-  Chokers from 90s’ kids ph and Quartz Necklace by Pinkoutsidethebox

Shorts- Romwe

Birks- Eudoahshandmedown

Spooky month of October! Last month of September was a blast for me! Been a busy bee that time. Had to travel with my family and had a tournament with my team afterwards. We finished our tourney in Frisbee with a bacon as we went home! I want to tell you the details but it’s too many to mention! It was a fast-paced life during September but yeah, it’s October already so I’m really looking forward to more good things coming. I’m optimist like that and can’t even wait to sing… Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….. Haha. Whatevs.

Anyway, love my outfit today. Comfy and grungy at the same time. This moon phase tee that I’m wearing is surprisingly hand-painted by the owner of the shop. Oh how I wish got a talent like that! Paired it up with chokers and a quartz necklace to complete the look. I also wore a pair of Birks and they’re so comfy that I wanted to wear them everyday!

Halloween is right just around the corner and as a kid at heart all I can say is that I’m excited for lollipops, chocolates, candies, etc. Haha! Oh yes treatssss! I shall take my daughter to trick or treat events and grab some of what she had received! I shall limit her to sweets anyway! 🙂


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