Basic Barbie

Sunnies- Ripples by Jenny Eyewear

White top- Romwe

Cardigan- Certain Things

Leather Skirt- I Love Fashion Station

Seems like I have a disorder when it comes to fashion. I like channeling various kinds when I’m dressing up. I certainly think that I just don’t stick up in one style. You’ll see me wearing a floral dress and looking dainty, something grungy on the next day and classy on the other days. I shall diagnose myself as a fashion blogger with an MPD styling. Haha. Multiple personality disorder by the way. Am I insane? Nah! I’m just really into experimenting and trying something new. Like what I usually do on my Barbie dolls when I was a kid. Different characters and portrayals but the same old favorite doll that I usually play with. 🙂


Now this one I describe as Basic Barbie. Not the usually glamorous all things pink Barbie but basic yet classy one. Ever since I entered college before, I moved on with my so girly life and tried to be matured by minimizing “all stuff shall be pink”. I still love pink by the way! But black and white are the essential colors when it comes to fashion that can never be replaced. Actually, it’s not a color. It’s the absence of color. That’s why we love it. It’s a mystery. Basic but there is something eye-catching about it. It always depicts fashion forwardness. 🙂


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