Grunge femme

Cross pendant choker- POTB

Denim Vest- Forever 21

Skirt- Thrift shop

Chunky heels- Lovely Shoes

Before, I’m not really into wearing maxi skirts. I thought that it wouldn’t suit me but then again it’s always fun to try something new once in a while and lately I got obsessed with long dresses or skirts. The pastel color of this long skirt was too dainty so I paired it up with a simple black top and finished it off with a denim vest, a pair of chunky heels and choker. One of my inspiration to this outfit is Lua P. My favorite blogger since I started joining the blogosphere. I know it’s waaaay to far from her awesome looks but it wouldn’t hurt to try to channel her style a bit. She’s the bomb!

Now I got a new favorite pair of chunky heels! These awesome babies are from Lovely Shoes. It’s so comfy to wear and you can wear them all day without hurting your feet. They are perfect! I’m into chunky shoes even before it became a bandwagon. Go check out Lovely Shoes for more pairs of amazing chunky heels. They got everything! 🙂


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