Tattoo Choker-POTB

Top- Fashion71

Skirt- Lush Closet

AA inspired Tote Bag- Bonny Vestures

Chunky heels- Rubi shoes from LoveBazaarPh

Hello Sweet November! Now I have more time to blog. No more excuses! Just finished with our Halloween thingy at work. Oh, almost finished though… because were not really done cleaning our room. Uh oh. Well, all the hard work was paid off. Yes were that competitive even it’s just a Halloween. haha. We won 1st prize! Our theme was an Abandoned Movie Theater/Horror Movies and my costume was Jigsaw (photo here) Well, that’s the easiest that I can think of but creepy as hell.

We scared the sh*t out of people. Our room turned into a house of horror and it was so tiring and fun at the same time giving them our own horror show. It was amazing!

Well, moving on… I went matchy matchy today with my lips and skirt. There’s just something nice with the plum color. Going all basic and comfy nowadays because the weather is still hot. Completed the look with this AA inspired bag (it’s such a trend nowadays together with mandals and bf jeans) and my favorite white chunky heels!

More outfit posts the soonest! I owe a lot to my sponsors and readers. I wish I had a good time management. I always start with a plan but it just doesn’t go the way it should be. Hmmm. Must start improving that! Any tips? That would help me a lot. 🙂


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