Plaid shirt- thrift store

Gray crop top- Lovelyshoes

Shorts- Romwe

Tattoo Choker- POTB

Chunky heels- Lovelyshoes

Here I go again with a 90’s inspired look. I know it has been too mainstream nowadays but I’m really into these kinds of outfit before it actually boomed.  I recall late high school and college days wherein we always practice with our band preparing for our small gigs. We use to play 90’s to early millennium punkrock and ska songs so this outfit is enthused by those memories of mine. Those were the days where I habitually watch The Craft a zillion times and Save Ferris, Tsunami bomb, Rancid songs were repetitively played on my Discman which reminds me on how time flies so fast!

So like the usual 90s grunge look, I wore a plaid shirt that I bought at thrift shop a week ago! (It’s always my favorite place to shop for clothes) Instead of the typical red black or white black plaids, I wore a greenish mold-like color. Paired it up with my gray crop top and black high waist shorts and of course, finished it off with my favorite black chunky heels.

Anyway, have you noticed that I gained weight? I’m so happy that I did! Except for the fact that I’m about to lose my abs. I cry. Diet was never in my dictionary but seems like I need to control “a little” because I don’t want a flabby looking tummy. Well, it’s just self discipline. Overall, I’m proud to say I gained more than 10 pounds! No more people telling me if I have an eating disorder. Phew!


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