The Moon White CC Body Lotion & Whitening (product review)


There’s a new product that I found out that I wanted to share with you guys. Bangkokface has now a wonderful lotion that’s so nourishing and equipped with precious gemstones. Yes you read and heard that right from your mind. Gemstones!   It’s possible for Bangkokface’s MOONWHITE CC BODY LOTION AND WHITENING.  Sounds great?Picture

The Moon White CC Body Lotion & Whitening offers sun protection SPF 60++ topped with nourishing ingredients from the precious Pink Tourmaline Gemstone.

According to Bangkok face’s official website here are the benefits of Moon White:

  • Detoxification
  • Helps aid fat loss
  • Reduces water retention
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps heal skin disorders
  • Reduces emotional maladies such as anxiety and depression
  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids in the body

    Moon White has 2 colors to choose from:

1.    Sweet Pearl (PINK) for girls with fair to white skin

2.    Aurora Recipe (GREEN) for girls with dark complexion

Application: Apply it after taking a bath or shower. It’s safe for everyday use. Just put an ample amount to your palm and spread it evenly on your body.

Now, it’s my turn to describe how it benefited me. I had the Green Aurora Recipe. I don’t have much of a dark complexion. Actually, I have an uneven skin tone. It used to be fair but because I’m engaged into sports, I often got my arms and lower legs a bit tanner while the other parts of my body are still light skinned. Yeah, sad isn’t it?

 Good thing Bangkokface introduced The Moon White CC Body Lotion & Whitening. It’s just so perfect for my skin’s state and actual lifestyle! While this lotion helps me whiten and covers blemishes (Yes, it has instant whitening effect!) it provides sun protection. I usually go outdoors, so it helps me defend my skin from the harmful rays of sun while I go on with my typical routine.

One thing I like about it that it detoxifies my skin. I noticed that there is a certain glow as I used the product regularly. (I don’t usually make a quick review; I have to test it for weeks to see its real effect on me.)

I know you guys are quite surprised that one of its benefits is it reduces emotional maladies such as anxiety and depression. Say what? Me too, I’ve never heard of those kinds of advantages from other lotions. My say on this is that, I never experienced extreme gloominess or confusions these past weeks even though I had problems. I still manage to work them out. So, maybe this product may or may not have effects towards emotions. In other words there are 50% of chances. Plus, the scent gives an uplifting mood!  I guess, it’s one of the factors that it can affects us psychologically.  

I like the smell of this lotion. I usually hate strong scents because too much perfumed lotions are not good for the skin. This one is just right enough for me. It has light appealing smell. About its texture, it has this powdery finish after using it because it has an instant whitening effect so it feels like you just had put a makeup on your skin but it looks natural when applied.

Overall, I really love this product. I always trust Bangkokface on these matters because their products are really effective for me. (It might differ to some people; we have different reactions to certain products.) They usually provide natural and organic products that are safe for the skin. This, The Moon White CC Body Lotion & Whitening is a breakthrough. I have to say it’s very recommendable. Try it for yourself!




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