Adidas Tee-The Berry Tops


Chunky Sandals- Love Bazaar

Normcore what? The term has been used all over the internet. Hashtags on Tumblr and Instagram. Those hashtags with photographs of people wearing athletic socks, plain shirts, every dad’s Nike cap or even Mom’s old Levis jeans. Something like a model that came out from a 90’s Vogue magazine that features Guess or Calvin Klein. What is normcore style really? Coming from the word “norm” which means normal and “core” for hardcore, it’s been all about dressing up in a mundane way. Since every fashion enthusiasts are busy wearing fancy and outstanding outfit, Normcore is just trying to basic to outcast their selves.

I finally jumped into the bandwagon of Normcore, I find it very comfortable. It’s an easy breezy way of styling. As I’m not a fan of vivacious colors anymore, it’s been monochrome and pale that I’m fond of. Wanna jump to? Wear those old acid jeans you got, that sporty t-shirt that has been longing to be unfolded in your closet, your dad’s Adidas/Nike cap and those basic pair of running shoes. Yup, it’s all about just being normal as if you prepared that for not more than 5 minutes and all concerning to basics.


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