Break the Rules

Chicnova Plaid shirt, Jukaykayatbp Alien Tee, Romwe short, LoveBazaar Ph Rubi Shoes.

I don’t wanna go to school; I just wanna break the rules. Boys and girls across the world, putting on our dancing shoes. ~~~

This song plays in my head over and over and the look is inspired by that song by Charli XCX. Meet 90’s preppy and grunge.  No, I’m not really a rebel when I was in school. I was just a plain Jane until I reached my 4th year of high school that’s where all the fun began. Not fun like party fun but I was more interesting on those times.  I was a late bloomer. My girl friends made fun of me when I wear baby bras rather than the real ones. My way of enjoyment was not drinking or smoking, I didn’t even know the actual taste of alcohol. What I do for fun is watching Britney Spears concert until I cry my eyes out because I was a die hard fan, watching Disney until 3 am and collecting stickers and stationery. Pretty lame but I was proud of myself that I don’t need to do something crazy just to have fun or to look cool to fit in.

Most of the kids nowadays are different; they’re always in a hurry to do stuff. Some of them didn’t even enjoy childhood. If I were to choose a generation it would be those times where we knew Looney tunes and where Disney movies made us cry. Ask a 6 year old girl who’s Bugs Bunny and she wouldn’t know who it was. True. Maybe I’ll have to figure out how to raise my daughter the way I was growing up. Time changes but we can always go back where we choose to. But it’s always up to her anyway. haha.


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