Theplaintops White cropped tee, Oasap skirt, Tutumshop sandals, Chloe and France bag

Just feelin like wearing a plain white cropped shirt over an black with slit skirt. It’s really simple but you can never go wrong with monochrome. I paired it it with this classy looking bag and stylish comfy sandals which completes the whole idea of this outfit. Imagine sporting this on a runway, possible! Even Kendall will rock this outfit. When you’re not sure, black and white pieces will never disappoint you. Trust me, even Coco Chanel will give that tip to you.

Anyway… Lately in my life, I’ve been feeling a little blue and uninspired about almost everything, yes something to match my outfit, life has been not colorful recently. I don’t know if it’s just me. Have you ever had this feeling wherein you think that there is something wrong and you cannot figure out what it is specifically? I’ve been appreciative most of the time and I have an optimistic personality. I’m not sure, maybe I need more motivation. Though days comes in different episodes. Let’s see what’s yet to come. (still on a positive side)


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