Summertime Sadness

Albayonlineshoppe top & Tutumshop Shoes

Weather is getting warmer and warmer recently. Summer is definitely making us feel its presence. This heart prints drawstring top I’m wearing is definitely perfect for this climate. It makes me feel comfy and stylish as well. Love the prints and back detail. I paired it with my favorite Harvey chunky sandals.

Talking about summer, have you ever felt summertime sadness? Like Queen Del Ray’s song. Summer should be full of fun and interesting memories but there are times that I feel this season gives me a heat stroke. Not literally, but it gives me pressure. A pressure to make great memories, to have that ultimate VS angel bikini bod, collecting enough summer getaway or party photos to post on your social accounts just to say indeed you had a great time. Then, I realized, it’s not about that. Summer should feel like you’re a kid from Elementary school that makes you say finally, it’s your vacation, you’re free from darn homework and projects and that is real feeling of happiness. Summer should not make you feel pressured it should make you feel free.  Free as the waves of the ocean, you’ll never know where it would take you. Just let life flow. Enjoy it with all smiles no matter where summer will bring you… 🙂


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