Birthday Getaway

Swimsuitph Triangl Bikini

Yes, Finally had our toes on the sand and felt the summer breeze of the oceans. It was my daughter’s 3rd birthday while for most of the people they are also enjoying their days off from work because of holy week. It was a perfect day when we went to the Island of Potipot in Candelaria. It’s actually a 3 hour drive from our place. It was a lovely and some people call it the “Little Boracay” cause of it’s white sand and clear waters. There are a lot of people as we expected because it was indeed holy week and maybe we will go back here but not during peak season. As for me, I enjoy the beach with few people around and just hearing the wonderful sound of waves.

Since it’s bikini weather, I wore this triangl swimmies that I got from Swimsuitph. I was never fond of wearing shades of purple but I loved how it looked on me. I think anyone will stand out wearing this grapelike colored bikini. It compliments the color of the skin. It’s one of my fave now. 🙂


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