Don’t be a drag

Romwe Shirt, Thrifted distressed jeans, Fashion71 shoes

How should you wear a cropped top without overdoing and revealing too much? Pair it with a distressed jeans not with a short shorts, unless you’re aiming to look like a drag race chic. Balancing is the key.

  and who says wearing a classy looking black shoes wouldn’t look good in a rugged outfit? Think again. Yeah, talk about mix and match. Still fashionable. This is now one of my favorite pair. You can purchase this shoes here

Having health and body concerns lately. No, not that I want to be a skinny bitch forever thing but I think as I grew older and having this inconsistent lifestyle of mine, I’m not that young arduos person anymore. I always want to go beyond limits but there are times my body is giving up on me. I hate this feeling. I had backaches, my shins and knees hurt easily. Sometimes I almost gave up just a 2 lap run. Am I getting old? I cryyy.

One thing I liked recently is that I gained weight. I was so skinny before, my arms look like it will break. I looked weak even I shove food in my mouth all the time. Though I think I had the wrong process of  gaining weight. I need to detox. No, not for that damn flat stomach or that sick abs. Just for having a healthier and happier life. Sick free. I can’t stand to be sick. I’m not supposed to be. I can’t!


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