Find the hidden Mickey

Albayonlineshoppe Mickey Shirt, Tutumshop Shoes

It feels like a day to just wear a loose shirt and faded jeans. I honestly don’t feel like wearing pants anymore during this time of the season but you know there are times that you feel lazy shaving and I do have a of flaws on my legs. Battle scars it is from sports and others are my defeated battle from darn mosquitoes.

Anyway, can you see the Mickeys on my shirt? I do love the prints on my sleeve. They’re cute!

While everyone’s enjoying summer events on a Saturday night, I’m here stuck at home. Nah, I’m not complaining but I’m also not saying as a mom that I don’t deserve or should not be having fun on a weekend. All other mothers deserve to have some fun off from their unpaid duties at home. I practically missed amazing events like Summer Siren and Slidefest that are happening right now near our area. I just don’t feel like going or too motivated enough to go to parties recently. I have a lot of things in my mind. Talk about priorities.


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