Floppy hat by Dresslink Stripe coordinates from Thefashionbuddy101, Shoegazm Sandals

“Less focus on pleasing others and more focus on growing within.”

This is my mantra recently. Sometimes, being a blogger gets you to write or dress up to please others but this is so wrong. Blogging should be expressing one’s self in their own individuality and not just portraying a character to please people. Whatever you do, you can’t please anyone anyway so might just be yourself.

I have been receiving emails and messages saying if what should they do to become a blogger and how to get these sponsors, etc… I do answer some of their questions but I tend to ignore some because there’s no steps or ways into becoming a blogger, you just have to do what you have to do, write and post something that’s real and shows your own creativeness!

I don’t have that huge number of followers unlike any popular bloggers around but I still do attract sponsors. Why? I’m just being myself. I don’t have a clean blog as you see, I don’t usually attend events to promote myself (I live a bit far from Manila wherein blogger events take place), I’m simply bad at photography or editing, at times my writing skills are lame and boring. It’s actually a crap blog but then again, what I have learned as I grow up blogging is to never stress yourself not being able to have this huge fanbase or gaining popularity and likes. You see, being a blogger, it’s about being you. Not all people can appreciate you but someone will. Maybe 1 or 2 or more and what important is they adore you as being you. Your own unique self. Yes you!


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