Over a month of hiatus now I’m finally back to blogging. Hello there we meet again! I missed you. A lot…

Now, what just happened to me?

I was literally and not literally sick at the same time.

My body gave up as well as my mind. Have you ever been too sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I was down with the flu, my daughter was too. Recurring ones. Her nanny left. Leaving me with double workload. Days have been tough for my family. I had sleep deprivation because of my shift at work and stressful events that I could not seem to manage anymore. Now, where is the old optimistic me? She was about to give up. My enthusiasm on things I’m passionate about was about to burst and fade like a bubble. I did not want to quit blogging. It just feels like I don’t have the time, energy and fire anymore. I cannot blow the bubble any longer.

I was busy facing reality and other times I’m not busy I want to get out of it. If I did had the spare time all I wanted was to sleep, watch PLL, read theories or just go ahead thinking.Thinking when to be back in track again, then feeling hopeless. Was I tired of being a mother and all these responsibilites? No… It’s just that I could not bring out the old me, the creative, ablazed side of my inner self. It’s like I’m just striving for life, not thriving for it anymore.

I had to give up on things. I started quitting work. I loved my friends at work. I hate the feeeling of leaving. They helped me grew but it’s the least thing I can do to finally breathe the air that I needed. To go outside and explore and be able to manage my time with my daughter and other things I’m passionate about.

Now I’m starting to exhale the negativity in me and want to refresh my mind. I want to say hello to the old friend of mine, myself. Hey you! I pat you on the back. Guess what? As you write this, you’re getting there. 🙂


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