Voguechic Mnl Top, Levis short, Fashion71 shoes

Is it just me or the heat feels like it’s not a ber month but more like of an April summer heat? Though I’m happy I can still wear my summer pieces, I couldn’t get rid of them since they’re a favorite. Here in this shoot, I’m wearing an uber floppy hat (which was badly folded a lot of times that caused it’s uberness) to beat the heat. I so love this top that they gave me, it’s actually an off shoulder piece but hey, I always break the rules and I think it can be a 2 in 1 top and since I’m wearing the wrong bra (to be honest) so I decided to just pull it up on my shoulder. I’ll definitely use this on my next shoots or ootd letting the sleeves fall off cause it give this sexy subtle look. Would be a perfect one for a beach outfit! Oh how I miss the waves.


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