When in Sagada


I wish I had posted this earlier but I was too busy so better be late than never. Let me share with you my #cherrishedtravel in Sagada! ❤

and no….. I didn’t see carrot man. Unfortunately. Even he was in the same date harvesting carrots in Sagada. Haha. :p


                            Of coarse, even the weather is cold, there’s still sunlight so I needed to take my favorite sunnies from Mixnmatch with me.

Had to make a few stopovers. The zigzagged road is just hella crazy. Imagine 4 hours of a snake like drive. Yes 4 hours straight. Don’t even ask what happened to the rest of my friends while on the road. I am happy to be able to not experience car sickness those times. My excitement to arrive at our destination must have  altered me not to be in such a hassle situation or just lucky me. 🙂

Luckily are stopovers in Ilocos Sur were also fun. Just because, they’re all Instagram worthy. Haa haa. Just look at this hanging bridge and humongous rocks.

When we finally arrived in Sagada, we stayed at Misty Lodge which was really cozy and I loved how it smelled like coffee when we came. They have this cafe on the ground floor while our room is in the attic.

Oh yeah and they have books too, a lot of them. 🙂

All that wanderlust in me were set free.

Sagadventure time!

Sorry. Pun intended. 🙂

I apologize for having this low resolution photo but I had to post it because it was one of the most challenging thing I did all my life. As they say on the local shirts sold in Sagada, “I am a survivor”. Now I know what it meant.  It was between life and death experience. We went on the connection cave and it was more than we expected and had imagined. What we went through was really one of the books! We spent 5 hours inside without knowing it was really dangerous, yes it was, which I liked. I felt tough, felt empowered. We had to do some rappelling, rock climbing (without protective gears), spelunking. Imagine all the positions your body can do. We’ve done it all. Good thing our tour guide, Kuya Biag was just more than Superman. Without him, we would not be able to come out of the cave alive. Haa haa. It felt like I had the chance to live again, coming out from that cave… Which felt amazing.

PS: If you’re planning to go caving without much of a challenge, there is another option where in it would only take less than hours and it is much safer but if you’re the adventurous type, you’re good to go with the same option we had. 🙂

and the adventure continues… After that we just trekked for 4 hours. (back and forth) The drizzle and cold did not bother us anyway. haha. Plus the fact that it was muddy and slippery. Another life threatening activity that we conquered. We wanted to witness the beauty of Bomod-Ok falls. We were also able to see rice terraces. Even though it was kind of risky, it was really worth it and I just really sang to myself, what a wonderful world. ♪ ♫

See? Common, sing with me now….And  I think to myself, what a wonderful world. ♪ ♫

Imagine waking up to this. 🙂

Sagada coffee was the best!

 Day 3, we went to Kiltepan to be able to see the sunrise but it was bad timing because of the weather.  Although, I enjoyed it much because it was  one of the coldest I’ve ever been, it was 10 degrees that time! Brrrr.

Then off we go to Echo valley to shout our hearts out and be able to see the not so famous Hanging coffins. I love seeing different kinds of traditions and culture. They have believed that there is a life after death and that the spirits would travel around. Spirits could be free if it their coffins were hanged not buried.

More photos:

The Episcopal Church of St. Mary The Virgin


This is called Etag. A countryside smoked bacon version of Sagada locals.

Misty Lodge’s cafe

Went to buy some souvenirs.

Yogurts there are one of the best! You guys should try it at the Yogurt house. It was always crowded so I suggest during peak season you must come there early before it opens at 8am.

Definitely, I enjoyed my time in Sagada. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Life was pretty simple there for most people and at the same time it’s really refreshing. All green and fresher air. Even though travel time  was really long (It took us about more than 12 hours to go there) and I couldn’t feel my butt or legs anymore, it was really worth it. If you need sometime to unwind or you are trying to discover things about yourself. Go ahead and explore Sagada. Experience the cold weather, different culture and nature without having to fly out of the country.


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