Clavicles & Collarbones are the new Cleavage

During our 10th Anniv (Yay!) with my partner, we decided to skip the usual dinner dates and went over to bask on the beach in the afternoon and because this day was special, I also had a chance to wear my kept off-shoulder bikini which I saved and promised not to wear it unless it was really a precious vacay or getaway.

I really loved how this bikini fits me.I got it from Thrifty Weekend. They really have an amazing collection of bikinis. I swear! 🙂  These two-piece swimmies are not too revealing and creates the illusion of bigger bust (good for being not so blessed like me). I say goodbye to showing off cleavages as I proudly show my collarbones and clavicles which are one of my favorite part of body to flaunt when I’m choosing my clothes. Scream more CONFIDENCE! 🙂

     Sun is too high.  Got to wear my favorite Mix n Match Sunnies.

Hey! Who says you need more lift or bigger boobs when too look sexy on bikinis? You can be if you just know what’s right to highlight! Show off and expose those C’s! 🙂


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