Dermplus Sunventures

I’m wearing my BTS crochet olive green bikini top, Ralph Lauren cap & Romwe shorts

Sunventure is out there! (Trying to sound like Russel from UP!)

Living in the beautiful Island of Zambales really fits me well. Being that wanderlust inside of me, I really feel so lucky to be residing in such paradise. That’s why I could not help myself to be always present when it comes to any beach getaway invitations from relative or friends. It’s cheap, convenient and very enjoyable at the same time.

However, recently, this 37 degrees heat is making me stay at home all day,  staying in the comforts of an air-conditioned room. Plus the fact that I’m worried about my skin. From these UV rays that can be harmful.

Good thing, what’s keeping me to stick with my summer to do list is a dab of my Dermplus Sunblock. Applying a good amount of Sunblock is a must. Like really a must. Specially that we are living in a tropical area. Investing in your skin is an essential. You don’t wanna age easily and acquire skin cancer right? So being an active woman myself, I deeply regret to forget to apply on my sunblock before so now I make sure that I always bring them with me or apply before going outside basking under the sun. Hope you could do the same too my fellow sunventurers! I 🙂

Also… since I’m sharing my sunventure with guys, I would like you to enjoy your summer too! Dermplus and  I also have a good news for you!

As you know the heat is getting stronger & stronger which means it could really harm our skin and hinder us from our summer getaways… But since @dermplus really loves us to be happy and protected with our Sunventures, we will be giving away Dermplus gift packs for you guys! 😊

1.Make sure you are following @dermplus and me @cherrishf on Instagram
2. On Instagram, screenshot, share/post this photo, OR use a photo of any of your summer adventures. Don’t forget to tag @dermplus and me @cherrishf
3. Hashtag ‪#‎DermplusSunventure‬
4. Mention/tag 3 of your besties

There would be 2 lucky winners who will win the same gift pack I had. (Shown in the photo, which also comes in a cute summer pouch!)

Note: Get more points by commenting and tagging your friends on my Ig post.

Isn’t that easy breezy! 😊  Winners to be announced on April 30, 2016.
Good luck and looking forward to more of your Sunventures!







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