How to make a lazy outfit look JORD-geous

During this humid weather, I am in a borderline between if I should dress up or not. The questions is, how should I look stylish in an effortless look? The ultimate answer is: ACCESSORIES. Although, do not overdo because it will only add up feeling uncomfortable. What to put on then? Your best friend will be your watch and sunnies.

Look:  Le.Apparel ribbed dress,  MixnMatch sunnies, JORD watch, Parisian Flats

Also in constant battle between tying up my hair or not. This heat is just crazy.

As you know, this outfit of mine just screams low key. But to balance everything out and without looking too simple, I had to wear the perfect accessory which is also a necessity for me everyday, my JORD Sydney series in Rose Gold. I fell in-love the moment I have opened it in the box! This watch just brighten up my whole look!

Watches should always be part of your wardrobe so that’s why it is very important for me to keep in time.  I was surprised and ecstatic to know about JORD watches because of the idea of using a wood material in their timepiece, which is a very rare material to use. I’ve always used leather, plastic or a kind of metal but not wood. It made me think how natural yet idiosyncratic my watch was. It just perfectly fits with my current lifestyle. A unique modern piece but also very convenient. Think about functionality without giving up being JORD-geous! ❤


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