My #LazadaOnlineRevolution Shopping Experience

Oh Holidays! ‘Tis really the season to be jolly! It’s also the time of gift giving! Have you guys already completed your shopping or wish list? As for me, I’m almost there!

Good thing, online shopping is the key! Most specially for busy bees like me. I don’t have much time to travel just to go shopping unlike before. There are also just a few malls here since I’m provincially based. I’m happy to know that there are online shops like Lazada that are very convenient. They’re like the elves of Santa this yuletide!

Honestly, I got trust issues when it comes to online shopping before but that changed when I had to experience and try it in Lazada. They got a variety of products to choose from and you can just easily select items for your family, friends and  for this Christmas, your godchildren! It’s really an easy peasy!

Need that car tools for your Dad? Or that baking utensils for your mom? That red lipstick that your sister has been eyeing or a toy for your cute niece she’s been asking you about? They all got it, I tell you! ❤

As for me, I had to go shopping for my wishlist first, haha! No, I’m not selfish but It’s actually my birth month so I had to reward and give my self something for this year!

Since I had a hard time purchasing some of my favorite lippies internationally, I had to check if Lazada had them and yasss! (Squeals) They have it! I was so happy that they got it!

I bought:

And now look! They offer some CP lippies with a bluetooth speaker! What a great deal right?!

Viper was one of the shades I’ve been wishing and looking for ages! I was ecstatic when I already and finally can put it in my cart!

And…….. this jeans I saw Kendall J was was wearing in one of her shoots! I also got to fit them first on an actual physical store but I ran out of cash already so I wasn’t able to buy it but holy cow! Happy to see it in Lazada! Yay! So a shopping lesson learned: Try to window shop and fit some clothes and if you’re ready buy it from Lazada! Just sit, relax and shop! You don’t have to commute or drive all over again just to buy it. It saved my time a lot! 🙂

I got all excited when I finally received my parcel! Here they are::

Also was able to score a few favorite Maybelline products of mine:

(Go and click on the photos to shop the same items I had! <3)

One thing I really love about Lazada is their Cash Delivery! You don’t have to go to the bank to deposit your payment and wait a for a long line, or use your credit card which some people may find doubtful because of account hacking issues. You just have to relax for a few days and wait for your package to come and pay the delivery man once you finally got your order within your own hands! It’s really convenient right?

And wait… There’s more! Lazada is now on Grand Christmas sale! Just so perfect timing for your Christmas Shopping! Falalalala lalalala! Wouldn’t this get any better?!

Okay so I got this Lazada overwhelming feeling and having an urge to splurge again! Better complete my Christmas list!

Thank you Lazada and Clozette for helping me with my Holiday/Birthday shopping! Hassle and worry free!


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