Fayeshionista’s Lip & Cheek Tint

I’m an absolute fan of lip and cheek tint for years! I’m the kind of girl who rarely puts heavy makeup cause I’m too lazy/busy and I always splurge on skincare rather than makeups or I would put a foundation on with just a tint on my cheeks and lips. Tints are my everyday essential. They’re always with me wherever I go.  You just have to dab, dab, blend and tadaaah! Instant! You’re good to go honey!

Last month, I received new pieces of lip and cheek tint from Fayeshionista and I absolutely love them! I got the Midnight Fairy and the Forest Fairy.


Here are the swatches:

(L) Forest Fairy  (R) Midnight Fairy

(Sorry if my arms scared you. I didn’t shave :D)

The forest fairy has a dark brown shade which I loved cause I rarely have this shade as a tint so I was excited to try it on and the other shade which is the Midnight fairy is like the usual bloody red  kind of shade that I use most of the time.

Time to put it on! ❤


Forest Fairy



Forest Fairy with just a few swipes then blend for a gradient look. (Good if you are up to korean look or to shy in going way darker)


Forest Fairy with a lot more swipes for an intense/bolder color. 


Midnight Fairy


Midnight Fairy in just a few dabs for a natural look. 


Added more swipes of Midnight fairy for a dramatic look! Ready for date night! ❤


Two different shades that are all lovely and you can play or adjust them on different occasions! Easy to use. Go natural or go bolder! Plus, it’s organic babes so it’s a must have! Check Fayeshionista lip and cheek tints here:




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