Fit: Zaful Bomber Jacket, My Rample caged bralette, HouseofChokers Ariana choker, Mera Leggings, Vans Old School sneakers

Konnichiwa! This look definitely gives me a Japanese street style vibes. ❤

Japan will always be one of the list I’d be going to if ever I had the chance to go abroad. I so love their culture and of course, the Cherry blossoms! (Sakura)

So the moment I laid my eyes on this bomber jacket from Zaful, it was love at first sight! ❤ I love the details and the embroidery. The deer reminds me of Nara and the cherry blossoms are just so lovely.

I paired it it wity my cage bralette from My Rample, I wanted to portray an edgy yet sporty look so I also combined it with my favorite Vans old school sneakers and leggings. To add a bit touch of  a glamour girl, I accessorize it with a sparkly choker.

Yes… And my best friend, a good shade of red lipstick will do.

I know it’s not cold yet like the weather we had the past few years every December so I suggest putting a light fabric for your inner or a crop top and a bralette like this with a high waist short or  your favorite pair of leggings would be good with your bomber jackets. Balance, balance, balance! 🙂




Dress and Shoes from Clubwholesale 

Currently obsessed with tight hugging mid to long dresses in neutral colors. I think it’s best wearing on a date. Not too revealing but still very sexy at the same time. It’s actually pretty versatile since you can wear different shoes with it. Going for a dinner? Wear wedges or those ravishing heels! How about a movie date? Wear your favorite pair of white sneakers. Oh, how I miss going on dates. Unfortunately but still happily for a mom like me, dates are buying food from the groceries or staying at home watching Netflix. Still I enjoy it though. I just miss dressing up at times. 🙂


ClubWholesale Cardigan, VoguechicMnl Lace bralette, Clubwholesale sandals, Coach bag

Grey, grey. grey! I just can’t get enough of the grey, black, white pallets. Grey is my second choice next to black. I think it’s a good key to make your look a bit softer, a good alternative to black color .

Today I’m wearing a thick cardigan that I really got my eyes on the first time I saw it on ClubwholesaleI love the quality of it and how I could pair it with just anything from my closet, it adds this NY style kind of vibe. For my inner, I wore a lace bralette that just screams sexy yet classy appearance.  I just really love mix and matching antithetical pieces. 🙂

There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white.
-Lisa Ling

Mom Jeans

As for this look, I’m sporting a black turtleneck top, mom jeans, Adidas sneakers and cap.  Sometimes I just want to style comfortably as I could be. It brings out the real tomboy in me. I really adore how these mom jeans fit me, I think it complements a woman’s curve. I know that some people doesn’t like this kind of jeans because yeah it does reminds them of throwback of their mothers but for me it’s one of my favorite as of the moment! The key is to balance your outfit. A good friend of mom jeans are cropped tops or fit turtlenecks. You can also wear it with your favorite white sneakers, sexy heels or wear it with an edgy belt!


Ringer dress from Ripples and Harvey shoes by Tutum

I just reached 8,000 followers recently on Instagram. Yay! Not that much I know but I’m glad to know some people appreciate me. I was kinda late when I joined the Instagram bandwagon but I don’t blame that for not having booming followers. In fact, I started not to stress myself too much in reaching lots of em. I had this thought that it’s better to be worth knowing than to be well known. Some even buy followers and some comments this “I love your account,follow me back!”  on random accounts of Instagram users. Well, I’m too lazy to do that and would not be willing to buy fake or random followers. I’m happy that there are some real readers and followers who REALLY appreciates me for who I am and for those awesome people, I love you guys! ❤

Find the hidden Mickey

Albayonlineshoppe Mickey Shirt, Tutumshop Shoes

It feels like a day to just wear a loose shirt and faded jeans. I honestly don’t feel like wearing pants anymore during this time of the season but you know there are times that you feel lazy shaving and I do have a of flaws on my legs. Battle scars it is from sports and others are my defeated battle from darn mosquitoes.

Anyway, can you see the Mickeys on my shirt? I do love the prints on my sleeve. They’re cute!

While everyone’s enjoying summer events on a Saturday night, I’m here stuck at home. Nah, I’m not complaining but I’m also not saying as a mom that I don’t deserve or should not be having fun on a weekend. All other mothers deserve to have some fun off from their unpaid duties at home. I practically missed amazing events like Summer Siren and Slidefest that are happening right now near our area. I just don’t feel like going or too motivated enough to go to parties recently. I have a lot of things in my mind. Talk about priorities.


Adidas Tee-The Berry Tops


Chunky Sandals- Love Bazaar

Normcore what? The term has been used all over the internet. Hashtags on Tumblr and Instagram. Those hashtags with photographs of people wearing athletic socks, plain shirts, every dad’s Nike cap or even Mom’s old Levis jeans. Something like a model that came out from a 90’s Vogue magazine that features Guess or Calvin Klein. What is normcore style really? Coming from the word “norm” which means normal and “core” for hardcore, it’s been all about dressing up in a mundane way. Since every fashion enthusiasts are busy wearing fancy and outstanding outfit, Normcore is just trying to basic to outcast their selves.

I finally jumped into the bandwagon of Normcore, I find it very comfortable. It’s an easy breezy way of styling. As I’m not a fan of vivacious colors anymore, it’s been monochrome and pale that I’m fond of. Wanna jump to? Wear those old acid jeans you got, that sporty t-shirt that has been longing to be unfolded in your closet, your dad’s Adidas/Nike cap and those basic pair of running shoes. Yup, it’s all about just being normal as if you prepared that for not more than 5 minutes and all concerning to basics.