Island Girl

                 Outfit:  Island Life Bomber Jacket from Sammydress 

Do you know those unplanned moments? Those are the best ones! ❤

So I went on a trip and with my love and the idea just came up for about 30 minutes after we ate in a restaurant. We really miss the waters and sand just like that!  It was one of the best beach trips ever!

I’m so happy to be residing near the bay area and beautiful beaches are just 30 minutes or an hour away! Happy to be living the Island life!

My packing for this trip just took me 10 minutes! lol Of course, I had to bring swimmies with me and a jacket for those cool nights and I brought my fave one from SammyDress! Isn’t it just perfect?

I know you’ll rarely see people wearing bomber jackets on the beach but definitely this one is an exemption! 🙂

Here are more photos from our amazing beach getaway:

 I can’t wait for more adventures and even quick packing may sometimes be stressful, it’s quite enjoyable for me. It’s a little bit of a challenge in picking outfits that you’ll bring with your trip and that’s how I like it. A spontaneous one! 🙂



Caravan Dreams

KnitsPhilippines cardigan, Fashionbuddy101 Culottes, Zaful shoes

SoulRock Jewelry 

Now where’s my vintage Volkswagen camper van? 🙂

My outfit seems to scream boho vibes but here I am strolling around the city! I really miss the beach so much or just chillin around having a picnic in a nearby mountain. The inner  vagabond in me is whispering. Especially that nowadays, I sometime shave some mild anxiety or am I just really longing for nature?  I think I need to breathe some fresh air.

And so here I am, still in the city so I just had to imagine  I am in the midst of a getaway, wearing a boho inspired outfit. It still fits anyway since I’m leaving close to the oceans.

You know, one of my dreams is to have a house on the beach, even just a little one so when I wake up I can hear the waves🌊, birds and breathe the salty air. Waking up with a natural beach hair sounds nice too!

For the mean time, I hope my outfit will do! 🙂

How to make a lazy outfit look JORD-geous

During this humid weather, I am in a borderline between if I should dress up or not. The questions is, how should I look stylish in an effortless look? The ultimate answer is: ACCESSORIES. Although, do not overdo because it will only add up feeling uncomfortable. What to put on then? Your best friend will be your watch and sunnies.

Look:  Le.Apparel ribbed dress,  MixnMatch sunnies, JORD watch, Parisian Flats

Also in constant battle between tying up my hair or not. This heat is just crazy.

As you know, this outfit of mine just screams low key. But to balance everything out and without looking too simple, I had to wear the perfect accessory which is also a necessity for me everyday, my JORD Sydney series in Rose Gold. I fell in-love the moment I have opened it in the box! This watch just brighten up my whole look!

Watches should always be part of your wardrobe so that’s why it is very important for me to keep in time.  I was surprised and ecstatic to know about JORD watches because of the idea of using a wood material in their timepiece, which is a very rare material to use. I’ve always used leather, plastic or a kind of metal but not wood. It made me think how natural yet idiosyncratic my watch was. It just perfectly fits with my current lifestyle. A unique modern piece but also very convenient. Think about functionality without giving up being JORD-geous! ❤

Summer Skincare Mistakes That are Hurting Your Skin



Unbearable heat, gallons of ice cream, and beach days are common scenes when summer comes rolling in here in the Philippines. If you’re not careful, however, the coming dry seasons could also mean sunburns, uneven tanning, and dry skin.

To beat the heat and get the most fun out of your sunventures, it’s best to know how to properly take care of your skin this summer. Start by avoiding these common summer skincare mistakes.

Skipping the Sunscreen

Many of us skip the sunscreen because it’s too expensive, it doesn’t feel good on the skin, or you just feel it’s not that important.

With the right product, however, those won’t be problems. Dermplus Sunscreens, for example, are worth the purchase. These products have a non-sticky formulation to ensure it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin.

More importantly, sunscreens, such as the Dermplus line, are ideal not only for outdoors but for indoors use as well. Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you’re protected from the sun’s damaging rays.  

You can still get sunburn indoors as UV light can penetrate through glass windows, which means even if you are at home or in the office and you happen to be next to a window, you still get exposed.

Make it a habit to use Dermplus every day, especially this summer.

Forgetting to Exfoliate

Make our skincare products more effective by not forgetting to exfoliate before hitting the beach. Exfoliation removes the dead cells and encourages the growth of new, healthy skin cells, which results in a smoother, silkier, and healthier complexion.

Exfoliation also clears up the skin’s surface, which allows the sunscreen and other products to get to work deeper in the skin.

Relying on Your Summer Clothes for Protection

Summer outfits are often light, airy, and colorful. The light fabrics, however, could put your skin (even the non-exposed parts) in danger of the summer sunshine.

The white linen shirt, the sun dress, and other summer fashion favorites provide minimal protection from the sun .For this, it’s best to sunscreen it up all over, and maybe even considering clothes that cover your extremities, such as a rashguard.

Not Drinking Up

Dehydration causes headaches, dizzy spells, and dry skin, among others. When out on the beach or under the sun, be sure to hydrate properly.

Drink up on water or non-sugary beverages to help maintain the body and skin’s critical moisture balance.

Ignoring Skin Irritations

If the sun really got to your skin, be sure to soothe it as soon as possible with a cooling gel.

The Dermplus Aftersun Hydrating Body Gel works great in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation and redness, and keeping the skin from drying up, cracking, and/or peeling. The quicker you deal with sun-damaged skin, the more you reduce the damage.

This summer, make your sunventures count by knowing how to take care of your skin properly.


About Dermplus

Dermplus Sunscreen is a quality product by JLC Miller & Co. Inc., an ISO-certified company known for a number of trusted hair and skincare products. The Dermplus product line includes a great selection of sunscreen lotions, and moisturizing and cooling gels.

Know more about the products by visiting and their official facebook page.


Dermplus Sunventures

I’m wearing my BTS crochet olive green bikini top, Ralph Lauren cap & Romwe shorts

Sunventure is out there! (Trying to sound like Russel from UP!)

Living in the beautiful Island of Zambales really fits me well. Being that wanderlust inside of me, I really feel so lucky to be residing in such paradise. That’s why I could not help myself to be always present when it comes to any beach getaway invitations from relative or friends. It’s cheap, convenient and very enjoyable at the same time.

However, recently, this 37 degrees heat is making me stay at home all day,  staying in the comforts of an air-conditioned room. Plus the fact that I’m worried about my skin. From these UV rays that can be harmful.

Good thing, what’s keeping me to stick with my summer to do list is a dab of my Dermplus Sunblock. Applying a good amount of Sunblock is a must. Like really a must. Specially that we are living in a tropical area. Investing in your skin is an essential. You don’t wanna age easily and acquire skin cancer right? So being an active woman myself, I deeply regret to forget to apply on my sunblock before so now I make sure that I always bring them with me or apply before going outside basking under the sun. Hope you could do the same too my fellow sunventurers! I 🙂

Also… since I’m sharing my sunventure with guys, I would like you to enjoy your summer too! Dermplus and  I also have a good news for you!

As you know the heat is getting stronger & stronger which means it could really harm our skin and hinder us from our summer getaways… But since @dermplus really loves us to be happy and protected with our Sunventures, we will be giving away Dermplus gift packs for you guys! 😊

1.Make sure you are following @dermplus and me @cherrishf on Instagram
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4. Mention/tag 3 of your besties

There would be 2 lucky winners who will win the same gift pack I had. (Shown in the photo, which also comes in a cute summer pouch!)

Note: Get more points by commenting and tagging your friends on my Ig post.

Isn’t that easy breezy! 😊  Winners to be announced on April 30, 2016.
Good luck and looking forward to more of your Sunventures!






Clavicles & Collarbones are the new Cleavage

During our 10th Anniv (Yay!) with my partner, we decided to skip the usual dinner dates and went over to bask on the beach in the afternoon and because this day was special, I also had a chance to wear my kept off-shoulder bikini which I saved and promised not to wear it unless it was really a precious vacay or getaway.

I really loved how this bikini fits me.I got it from Thrifty Weekend. They really have an amazing collection of bikinis. I swear! 🙂  These two-piece swimmies are not too revealing and creates the illusion of bigger bust (good for being not so blessed like me). I say goodbye to showing off cleavages as I proudly show my collarbones and clavicles which are one of my favorite part of body to flaunt when I’m choosing my clothes. Scream more CONFIDENCE! 🙂

     Sun is too high.  Got to wear my favorite Mix n Match Sunnies.

Hey! Who says you need more lift or bigger boobs when too look sexy on bikinis? You can be if you just know what’s right to highlight! Show off and expose those C’s! 🙂


“My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.” – Christine Applegate

Giant Vintage Sunnies, Veraclothing Jumpsuit

Tommy Hilfiger Swimmies

One thing I love about my hometown is it is rich in beautiful islands and beaches. Since Boracay is already overrated, I suggest that people might be missing a lot of things here in Subic/Zambales. We do have islands that are captivating , white sands, clear crystal waters which are  not too crowded.

Now, I got my eye here in Liw-Liwa. It’s actually a surf spot but it’s not yet commercialized which I love most about it. Unfortunately, I still don’t know how to surf because of my fear of drowning even though I took swimming lessons back in grade school. Maybe I could only use my swimming skills in cases of emergency. I still do hope that I’ll be brave enough to try. On the other hand, I do know how to do skimboarding which I could just ride and slide on to the shore but in this time that I went, skimboarding was not a good idea because the waves were too strong and inconsistent during that moment. (So sad I could only ride on a flat shoreline. Poor me.)

Overall, Liw-Liwa was one of the great beaches I will definitely recommend and it’s really something to look out for.  I love how I can hear the waves crashing, the cool breeze, the feeling of sand on my feet and to witness the beautiful sunset which reminds me that life is really good.