Caravan Dreams

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Now where’s my vintage Volkswagen camper van? 🙂

My outfit seems to scream boho vibes but here I am strolling around the city! I really miss the beach so much or just chillin around having a picnic in a nearby mountain. The inner  vagabond in me is whispering. Especially that nowadays, I sometime shave some mild anxiety or am I just really longing for nature?  I think I need to breathe some fresh air.

And so here I am, still in the city so I just had to imagine  I am in the midst of a getaway, wearing a boho inspired outfit. It still fits anyway since I’m leaving close to the oceans.

You know, one of my dreams is to have a house on the beach, even just a little one so when I wake up I can hear the waves🌊, birds and breathe the salty air. Waking up with a natural beach hair sounds nice too!

For the mean time, I hope my outfit will do! 🙂



Oh I just can’t believe it’s the month of October already! Bers are always going to be my favorite months. It’s also one of the perfect times to layer your clothing. To make you feel warm during the brrr days.

Can you believe it was a sunny  but I didn’t sweat wearing these? All I can say it was a one fine day! The day has finally come where in you can pull out those jackets/cardigans/coats you have been hiding for ages! Oh yeah and those chunky boots too that you’ve been dying to wear.

For this look I actually had a concept between glam and basic. I wanna go with the look of shiny shimmering splendid without overdoing it!  The Oversized Cable Knit Coat is superb! It can make a boring outfit into vavavoom!

I paired it with a Gigi-Inspired Choker to add sparkle to my look. A ribbed knot white top and a high waist black denim shorts with a vintage belt cause I like to add an edge for this whole outfit.(because that’s just me, I’m not all glamorous lol)

There it is. My look for the start of Octobrrr. Will definitely post more soon about layering clothes. ❤

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Sunnies- MixnMatch

Necklace- Mel’s collection

Top- Threeft.skb

Bag- Get2gobags

Pants- Romwe

Shoes- Lovely Shoes

A touch of red for the upcoming Yule season.  It’s almost the end of of November and I can’t wait for my favorite time of the year to arrive. December is also my birth month. I’m turning 25! It’s roughly the quarter of my life. I haven’t listed up my wish list yet and I need to prepare gifts for my family and friends. I wish December lasted more than 4 weeks though. There’s just this overwhelming feeling that Christmas spirit gives to us. Hope all of us can share happiness and give thanks to our loved ones especially for the Lord above.

Going to my outfit, I so love this red knitted top! I think it’s also good to wear on Christmas parties. Even though it should be cold nowadays, it’s still hot during the day so I wore my new sunnies and pair it up with my personalized necklace with my name in it. It’s now one of my favorite accessories! I also have this gorgeous bag that perfectly pairs with my whole outfit. Yuletide season, I’m so ready for you! 🙂