You camo and go!

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma, chameleon,
You come and go, you CAMO and go!!! (Sorry , I know that was a bad one but promise it’s related to my outfit! :p)

Not the karma but the Camo and Chameleon. Camo for the outfit and Chameleon when it comes to my style. As you know it has the ability to change color and it’s very similar on how I dress myself. It is drastically changing.

Anyway, I just want to justify my  crazy caption. Haha. Got cha! But it’s indeed true. 🙂

Okay, so about this look. I go for comfy and edgy. Oversized camo shirt and denim jacket plus my favorite Vans Old School which I’d like to keep forever. I also brought my new MJ tote moss green sporty looking bag from Shiq. I love it! I can take it anywhere I go! I think I’m also abusing this bag cause even in my sports tournament, I had to bring it with me. It’s so versatile!

Thrifted Oversized Denim Jacket, 90’s kid PH Camo BF tee, Mj Tote from Shiq

My inspo for this outfit? None other than my fave Jenner! Kenny! But I chose to wear an edgier/darker sneaker because I can’t maintain my white sneakers to be white all day long. :p


Sunday Morning

I remember how I hated Sundays. It was a gloomy day for me way back. Thinking Monday will be tomorrow (in both a negative and a positive way) so you just can’t wait til Sunday ends and there’s nothing else to do just sitting on the couch looking at your mom watching her favorite talk shows and trying to convince yourself to go to bed early but you’re not sleepy yet so you ended up staring blankly at the ceiling. Although this was me and my thoughts when I was still in high school and college.

However, as I grew, I really learned how to appreciate Sundays now. It’s not boring but it’s full of a positive yet a chill kind of productivity. It’s a time for God, family, for relaxation, to reflect, a time for morning coffees or afternoon walks (plus shoot great ootds!). Now how I wish my Sunday was more than 24 hours. It seems to me the sun is always brighter when it’s Sunday. It also clears the rust of the whole week!  🙂

That’s why… Last weekend, I got an opportunity to have a stroll, shoot an outfit and even the sun was a bit intense that day, I really enjoyed it!

WIW: Giant Vintage Sunnies, Thrifted blouse (a good find!), Shiq bags , Payless shoes 

Sundays are also meant to appreciate nature and aesthetics!

. “Sunday. A day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings. Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your family, your friends, and a cup of coffee.”

Back at it

Bomber Jacket: Lightinthebox   Accessories:The Elan Project

Mom  Jeans: Guess  Sneakers: Payless

Make up: Rucy Vanity eyeliner and foundation, Nyx Transylvania

How I miss layering clothes! This bomber jacket is a total bomb! I have seen a similar one that Gigi Hadid wore so  was happy to get this in my mail. It’s perfect timing for the rainy weather.


It’s been ages since I have expressed my style thru writing. I dunno if it’s been the weather or my busy schedule. But you know what they say, if you want something you can always find time for everything. Although I must admit, it’s just that, maybe I have no special thing to say.

Until I realized that’s alright. You can not just make up stories so your outfit story will be interesting in the eyes of others. It’s a matter of  expression. The recent fashion blogging industry actually  made me uninterested. Before, blogging was about being yourself, embracing your inner style, a matter of expression. What just happened is it’s been a kind of business.I must admit that I have jumped into that box even I was just the out of the box kind of woman.

I remember I started blogging using my old clothes and unique thrift store finds. Way back 2009. Lookbook days where in mostly people were  genuine. I’m not saying I’m against new bloggers of today. I think you know what I mean. Those “I’m a blogger but I don’t even own a blog just a bunch of followers on Instagram.”  I ain’t gonna discuss further. Hurting feelings and making people feel unhappy on what they do is not my thing. But sometimes I can’t help it. Let’s just put it this way, there’s no “How to be a blogger” because it’s a substance of being yourself.

So to you fledgling fashionista, I encourage and would definitely not hinder you to be a blogger so go ahead, post that amazing photo of yours but at least write! Even it’s a boring one or only about your day. Hey, that’s okay!  That mood of yours made you come up with that style.What matters is not your followers, not your views or what’s trending on social media but conveying the authentic you. Yes, you are born to stand out. You will be remembered through your own unique brand. 🙂



Dermplus Sunventures

I’m wearing my BTS crochet olive green bikini top, Ralph Lauren cap & Romwe shorts

Sunventure is out there! (Trying to sound like Russel from UP!)

Living in the beautiful Island of Zambales really fits me well. Being that wanderlust inside of me, I really feel so lucky to be residing in such paradise. That’s why I could not help myself to be always present when it comes to any beach getaway invitations from relative or friends. It’s cheap, convenient and very enjoyable at the same time.

However, recently, this 37 degrees heat is making me stay at home all day,  staying in the comforts of an air-conditioned room. Plus the fact that I’m worried about my skin. From these UV rays that can be harmful.

Good thing, what’s keeping me to stick with my summer to do list is a dab of my Dermplus Sunblock. Applying a good amount of Sunblock is a must. Like really a must. Specially that we are living in a tropical area. Investing in your skin is an essential. You don’t wanna age easily and acquire skin cancer right? So being an active woman myself, I deeply regret to forget to apply on my sunblock before so now I make sure that I always bring them with me or apply before going outside basking under the sun. Hope you could do the same too my fellow sunventurers! I 🙂

Also… since I’m sharing my sunventure with guys, I would like you to enjoy your summer too! Dermplus and  I also have a good news for you!

As you know the heat is getting stronger & stronger which means it could really harm our skin and hinder us from our summer getaways… But since @dermplus really loves us to be happy and protected with our Sunventures, we will be giving away Dermplus gift packs for you guys! 😊

1.Make sure you are following @dermplus and me @cherrishf on Instagram
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4. Mention/tag 3 of your besties

There would be 2 lucky winners who will win the same gift pack I had. (Shown in the photo, which also comes in a cute summer pouch!)

Note: Get more points by commenting and tagging your friends on my Ig post.

Isn’t that easy breezy! 😊  Winners to be announced on April 30, 2016.
Good luck and looking forward to more of your Sunventures!






Clavicles & Collarbones are the new Cleavage

During our 10th Anniv (Yay!) with my partner, we decided to skip the usual dinner dates and went over to bask on the beach in the afternoon and because this day was special, I also had a chance to wear my kept off-shoulder bikini which I saved and promised not to wear it unless it was really a precious vacay or getaway.

I really loved how this bikini fits me.I got it from Thrifty Weekend. They really have an amazing collection of bikinis. I swear! 🙂  These two-piece swimmies are not too revealing and creates the illusion of bigger bust (good for being not so blessed like me). I say goodbye to showing off cleavages as I proudly show my collarbones and clavicles which are one of my favorite part of body to flaunt when I’m choosing my clothes. Scream more CONFIDENCE! 🙂

     Sun is too high.  Got to wear my favorite Mix n Match Sunnies.

Hey! Who says you need more lift or bigger boobs when too look sexy on bikinis? You can be if you just know what’s right to highlight! Show off and expose those C’s! 🙂


Ripples top and Clubwholesale shoes

Shoes that you can get from here

Today has been a very sunny day so it’s the perfect time to shoot outside or go on a picnic. The weather is still isn’t cold even it’s November already so I decided to wear a comfy but dainty clothes. As much as I adore the 90’s look, recently I’m also obsessed with 70’s style. I love how chic the look can be. 🙂

I’m wearing an off shoulder crochet like white blouse, paired it with a light washed denim dolphin shorts and my new shoes from Club Wholesale which I totally love! I had a similar shoe like this which are black and I always find white ones on other girls but I never found an Apricot color so the moment I received the shoes, I totally fell in love with it! Besides loving black, grey and white, I’m also currently obsessed with apricot, mustard and terracotta .


Blank Beast Ph off shoulder blouse, Sole Poets handmade sandals

Channeling 70’s with today’s look. When it comes to the 70s trend, clothing can be as bold or subtle as you like. Today I chose subtlety.

I love how natural the outfit can be. If you’re conservative yet you want to show a little bit of skin, an off the shoulder peasant blouse will be your best friend. It is like flaunting the easiest and the most comfortable body part. I paired my blouse with my cuffed faded, ice pants and this comfy yet stylish flat sandals to complete a semi boho 70’s look.