2016 Lookbook

Can’t believe it’s a new year already! How was your 2016 so far? If you were to ask me, it was good cause I refuse to complain. (Yeah, the optimist in me still wins!) I always have this belief that everything happens for a reason so I find my year something gainful despite of negativity including my style and outfits this twenty sixteen! I had a lot of experimenting and some looks made me cringe like what the hell would I have to wear that, why did I have to jumped on the bandwagon when I really root for something unique. There would be looks that gave me comfort and style at the same time and there were something so sacrificing that it depicts an unnatural aesthetic you keep pushing to achieve but ugh it’s not you. My style was like an ultimate evolution  I guess, I always had to try different things and just like my life, the lesson was learned. Anyway, here are just a few picks of my favorite looks last year.

 Murashopph top, HM high waist jeans

Apparently, scarves was something huge during 2016, it typically adds charm to a simple fit and could be an alternative for a jewelry or choker.

A good fit of high waist jeans too is a total must have! It’s actually something I abusively wear up until now! 🙂

Mera jumper and crop top, Shiq backpack, Adidas sneakers

To be a bit different, instead of going with the usual denim jumper, I went for a beige color and paired it with a black cropped top. I loved this look because it was just an eazy breezy one and it was pretty comfortable too! 90’s outfit still had a big thing during 2016 and a white sneaker and a cute backpack was also one of the essentials.

Ete Style swimmies

Retro or boho? Why not both! This was one of my fave swimmies while basking under the sun. It was so flattering and showed some fine curves.  I paired it with my round sunnies to give this little 70’s vibe.

Mera floral slip dress, Christianpaul watches, Casemate phone case

Just when I thought I would never wear a slip dress with a shirt, I did! I was never a big fan of it but it doesn’t hurt to try. I still liked it though esp. this floral pastel one! It’s rare to wear something girly for me lately. The watch also was adorable to pair it with! 🙂

Mera ribbed off shoulder dress, Polo Ralph Lauren cap, Nike sneakers, Christian Paul watches

Show them curves! Ribbed and bodycon dresses were absolutely a fave of mine! You can always see the Jenner sisters wearing them on and flaunting their beautiful curves. The downside is after eating pizza or during bloated days, you can already see a bump in the tummy which may be uncomfortable for some ladies and sometimes I feel the same way too but I won’t give up on slices of pizza (Yes slices! ) 🙂

Crop tops, crop tops and crop tops! Just can’t get enough of them. A fave combo are high waist jeans with with it and a pair of  camel colored heels. Gold accessories also adds charm to an outfit.

My Rample top, Soul Rock Jewelry , Daniel Wellington watches

Basic tops and pieces with exquisite details are totally love! I get that back, they’re not basic, they’re beyond beautiful! And.. red lipstick… I’ll never get tired of them. They’re forever will be in my bag or pockets.

  • Mera black cami, Zaful bomber, Thrifted mom jeans, Adidas NMD XR1

Let’s not forget, camisoles, bomber jackets and mom jeans! They’re my top 3 favorites! Each piece can make the whole outfit look good! Since I want the best, I wanted to combine them all! A most liked sneaker included! 🙂

And there you go! That’s my Lookbook 2016. Would be glad to know yours too!



Oh I just can’t believe it’s the month of October already! Bers are always going to be my favorite months. It’s also one of the perfect times to layer your clothing. To make you feel warm during the brrr days.

Can you believe it was a sunny  but I didn’t sweat wearing these? All I can say it was a one fine day! The day has finally come where in you can pull out those jackets/cardigans/coats you have been hiding for ages! Oh yeah and those chunky boots too that you’ve been dying to wear.

For this look I actually had a concept between glam and basic. I wanna go with the look of shiny shimmering splendid without overdoing it!  The Oversized Cable Knit Coat is superb! It can make a boring outfit into vavavoom!

I paired it with a Gigi-Inspired Choker to add sparkle to my look. A ribbed knot white top and a high waist black denim shorts with a vintage belt cause I like to add an edge for this whole outfit.(because that’s just me, I’m not all glamorous lol)

There it is. My look for the start of Octobrrr. Will definitely post more soon about layering clothes. ❤

LOOK: @houseofchokers Gigi choker, Knits Philippines Oversized cable knit coat ,Thrifted belt and shorts,  Fashion71 Chunky Boots


Giant Vintage Sunnies, Hipstertopia Stripes Turtleneck sweatshirt, Get2gobags Royal Slingbag

It’s the season of Turtlenecks and Sweatshirts. I know that we are in a Tropical weather here in the Philippines but who said you can’t wear one? Pair it up with a cutesy shorts or skirt so it wouldn’t be too warm for your body and you’ll feel comfortable.

Today, I’m wearing a black and white stripes turtleneck shirt and I paired it with my thin leather-like shorts. I love its’  combination. It’s simple but fashionable. A mod chic ensemble.


Tattoo Choker-POTB

Top- Fashion71

Skirt- Lush Closet

AA inspired Tote Bag- Bonny Vestures

Chunky heels- Rubi shoes from LoveBazaarPh

Hello Sweet November! Now I have more time to blog. No more excuses! Just finished with our Halloween thingy at work. Oh, almost finished though… because were not really done cleaning our room. Uh oh. Well, all the hard work was paid off. Yes were that competitive even it’s just a Halloween. haha. We won 1st prize! Our theme was an Abandoned Movie Theater/Horror Movies and my costume was Jigsaw (photo here) Well, that’s the easiest that I can think of but creepy as hell.

We scared the sh*t out of people. Our room turned into a house of horror and it was so tiring and fun at the same time giving them our own horror show. It was amazing!

Well, moving on… I went matchy matchy today with my lips and skirt. There’s just something nice with the plum color. Going all basic and comfy nowadays because the weather is still hot. Completed the look with this AA inspired bag (it’s such a trend nowadays together with mandals and bf jeans) and my favorite white chunky heels!

More outfit posts the soonest! I owe a lot to my sponsors and readers. I wish I had a good time management. I always start with a plan but it just doesn’t go the way it should be. Hmmm. Must start improving that! Any tips? That would help me a lot. 🙂

Darkside of the moon

Beanie- Chicnova

Moon phase tee- Ace winters

Accessories-  Chokers from 90s’ kids ph and Quartz Necklace by Pinkoutsidethebox

Shorts- Romwe

Birks- Eudoahshandmedown

Spooky month of October! Last month of September was a blast for me! Been a busy bee that time. Had to travel with my family and had a tournament with my team afterwards. We finished our tourney in Frisbee with a bacon as we went home! I want to tell you the details but it’s too many to mention! It was a fast-paced life during September but yeah, it’s October already so I’m really looking forward to more good things coming. I’m optimist like that and can’t even wait to sing… Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….. Haha. Whatevs.

Anyway, love my outfit today. Comfy and grungy at the same time. This moon phase tee that I’m wearing is surprisingly hand-painted by the owner of the shop. Oh how I wish got a talent like that! Paired it up with chokers and a quartz necklace to complete the look. I also wore a pair of Birks and they’re so comfy that I wanted to wear them everyday!

Halloween is right just around the corner and as a kid at heart all I can say is that I’m excited for lollipops, chocolates, candies, etc. Haha! Oh yes treatssss! I shall take my daughter to trick or treat events and grab some of what she had received! I shall limit her to sweets anyway! 🙂

I don’t give a

Snapback cap and Cropped Shirt from Romwe

First of all, sorry for the word that should have been censored. I don’t usually say curse or foul languages like these but this snapback cap with the F word just totally rocks my outfit! It’s good to be bad at times you know.

I totally dig the palm trees print on my cropped t-shirt, it simply shows the summer vibe!


I scream!






          Marilyn Monroe Crop top c/o Goodstuff4you

My belly’s is getting a bit bigger I know, for some fitness obsessed freaks who might see this photos. Haha. But it’s really not that bad for me! Though it really feels bloated nowadays. I couldn’t blame myself if I choose Pizza or any junkfoods over sweat. A girls gonna eat if she really wants too! Wouldn’t starve myself if I really am drooling for an Ice cream or Fast foods! 🙂

In fact while blogging and typing this, I am enjoying eating this filipino dessert called Banana Con Hielo. It’s like crushed ice with milk and sweetened bananas, a classic fave! Sorry, I think I just typed food too much.

Let’s go on with my outfit, so lovin this Marilyn Monroe turtle neck like crop top. I like its fit on me, paired it with a nice pair of jeans to make it look balanced and not to show skin too much. If the has been weather get’s cold it would also be nice to put on some leather jacket, but sadly weather recently has been so hot and leathers and furs would be set aside for a while now. Better put out all my peek a boo muscle tees, crops, florals, denim shorts, sunnies, etc.. Scream Summer!!!